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 Speed Racking Horses & Babies For Sale 

The horse industry has changed over the past few years. Breeding and raising babies is down over 80-90%. That means there are fewer and fewer really good horses out there. That's why, we have continued to raise the "BEST SPEED RACKING HORSE MONEY WILL BUY".

You are getting the Rowdy Rawhide bloodline crossed with mares out of the best bloodlines in the breed. We believe a great sire and a great dam make fantastic offspring. It has taken a few years for Coal Miner to prove himself as a great producer and now his babies are out there telling his story. These babies go fast so be sure to Call Now and make a deposit, you will be glad you did.

Speed Racking Horses & Babies-Available Now

Spots by Rawhide & Speck


WOW! Check out this Beautiful TRI-COLOR Filly. Talk about a HEAD TURNER!!! This bay and white with black trim filly was born 6-8-23.  

Her dam is a direct granddaughter of the 19 time WGC speed racking horse, Speck.


Her sire is Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide. She will be a 20-25 mph trotting filly with all these incredible spotted up markings. She will make a 15 -15.2 horse that will shine in the show or on the trail. She carries the best of old and new speed racking horse world grand champions bloodlines.


Buy her with a $1000 deposit and pay her off by the time she weans. Call Doug Ripley at 256-303-0603.

Blissful Gaits SportsStartwo12723.jpg

BlissFul Gaits Sports Star


​Born 3/1/2020


Sporty is a non-fading jet black filly out of I'm A Western Lady and by Sportswriter, both of track history and fame.  She was an embryo transfer so not freeze branded due to more than 1 foal in the same year.  She is calm and respectful on the ground, shows a fast smooth trot in the pasture, and has been regularly trimmed, teeth checked, vaccinated, and wormed to date.  She halters in the pasture, leads, ties, trailers and stands for the farrier.  She is being trained under saddle as of 11/15/23. RHBAA papers will be applied for by commissioner according to gait.  She has beautiful confirmation and pedigree and will be a valuable asset to your breeding program, for trail riding, showing, endurance.   
Blissful Gaits Farm

256-436-5056 for more information.

Do The Hustle.jpg

Do The Hustle Stallion

Born:  5/30/2022

Hustle is a big stout colt that should top out at 15.3-16H.  He is by Yankee Hustler, trotting bred Standardbred, (15.2H) and our tattooed trotting Standardbred mare, Sweet Emily Rose (15.3H). He is registered both RHBAA and SHOBA with hard papers in hand. Hustle is smart, wonderful temperament, sturdy, great confirmation and will have the sought after speed in the 30's at a rack. He shows off with a big fast trot in the pasture. Get him now and train him your way to be a trail horse that can't be beat, show horse, breeding for height, speed, confirmation, and temperament, or race him down the strip! His sire won Big Guns at 33.6 mph. He is halter, lead, tie trained, has been trailered, and is up to date on vaccines and worming.  
Blissful Gaits Farm

256-436-5056 for more information.

rawhides higway to heaven).jpg

Rowdy's Highway to Heaven


Sire: Coal Miner

Dam: Highway to Hell Mare

This bay filly was born on 4-23-23.  Here's your chance to own a beautiful buckskin. Her dam is a direct daughter of Highway to Hell (full standardbred) and her sire is our stallion Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide. This has proven to be a great cross. This girl has it all, conformation, intelligence, gentleness, and speed. Now is the time to buy this perfect prospect for your personal ride or breeding program. Buy her now with a down payment and pay her off when she weans. 

Call Doug Ripley at 256-303-0603

TYH Red Hot Chili Pepper (Chili).jpg

TYH Red Hot Chili Pepper


Born: 4/20/2020

Chili is a gorgeous solid Strawberry Roan, no white 1/2 Standardbred, 1/2 TWH and she is registered with the Racking Horse Breeders Association of America (RHBAA). Her TWH side is the Midnight Sun & Sun's Delight. Her sire is our 33mph Speed Racking Champion Standardbred stallion, Yankee Hustler, who is sired by Muscles Yankee of Hambledonian fame. She is 15 H at 3 1/2 years old and should mature at 15.1 to 15.2H. I have been riding her with some clips on the back shoes for a little weight as she was on the trotty side, and has a smooth rack on a loose rein. She is forward going, likes to lead, and not spooky at all, but she has a lot of motor and not for a beginner. She is up to date on all shots and worming, shod regularly and has had her teeth floated and wolf teeth removed.
Blissful Gaits Farm

256-436-5056 for more information

She's A EZ Rowdy Shimmy (Shimmy).jpg

She's A EZ Rowdy Shimmy (Shimmy)


Born: 2/28/22

Shimmy is a very tall, gorgeous Amber Champagne filly with no white and a hair gene to die for. She is halter, lead and tie trained and will be approximately 15.3 to 16 H. She is out of our smooth-as-silk TWH/RHBAA Generator bred mare, Didja Sheena That Shine, that can fly down the trails at 15mph, which is on the high end for a TWH. Her sire is Hustler's Rowdy Sumthin' Bad (EZ), a Rowdy Rawhide Grandson and son of our speed Racking Champion Stallion, Yankee Hustler (33.6mph). She should have a wonderful smooth gait and be 20-25 mph at maturity.  She will be a head-turner on the trail or in the ring.  She is registered RHBAA with hard copy papers in hand and up to date on vaccinations and worming.

Blissful Gaits Farm

256-436-5056 for more info


Rawhide's Winning Combination

Sire: Coal Miner

Dam: Saddlebred Mare

This beautiful BUCKSKIN filly was born on 5-14-23. This filly will stand 15.2 to 16 hands. She is out of my saddlebred mare and Coal Miner.

Raise and train her your way. She will be some kind of head turner!! 


She is full of color and will throw that on her babies in the future. 


Buy her now with a down payment and pay her off when she weans. 

Call Doug Ripley at 256-303-0603

image1 (1).jpeg

Rowdy and Rusty Althena

Sire: Coal Miner

Dam: They Call Me Rusty Mare 

This Bay FILLY was born May-19-2023. All of her siblings have made outstanding speed racking horses. I'm keeping her full brother for breeding stallion.

Go to YouTube, look up videos of "They Call Me Rusty". Everyone knows that her sire was by far one of the fastest speed racking stallions in the world and he did it in a perfect four beat gait, NO PACE.

Here is your chance to raise, break and train your own. Buy her now with a down payment and pay her off before she is weaned.  Call Doug Ripley at 256-303-0603

EZ's I B Pristine (Prissy).jpg

EZD's I B Pristine ( Prissy)


Born: 9/7/22

Prissy is our first Silver Buckskin (no white) foal and is out of our 1/2 Standardbred 1/2 RMH Silver Bay mare, Justa Kentucky Gal, who measures 15H. Gal could cruise down the trails at 15-18mph and is one of my most favorite trail mounts. Prissy's unique dappled coloring is very unique and changes with the seasons. She is a stoutly built filly that will most likely mature to 14.3 to 15 H.  I have seen her hit a super smooth rack in the pasture and she should have speed as well. She's the perfect size and flashy color to get noticed on the rails or trails. She loves attention and is trained to halter, lead and tie.
Her sire is our 15.2 H buckskin stallion, Hustler's Rowdy Sumthin' Bad (EZ) and grandsire is our 33mph champion Standardbred stallion, Yankee Hustler.

Prissy is RHBAA registered with hard copy of papers in hand.

Blissful Gaits Farm 256-436-5056 for more information.


I'm a Rowdy New Yorker


Sire: Coal Miner

Dam: Standardbred 

This stud colt was born in Aug. 2022.  His sire is Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide and his dam is Saddlebred/Standardbred cross out of the famous New Yorker bloodline (saddlebred).  This colt is smart, gentle, and built with perfect conformation.  He goes across the pasture with speed and style.  He will make a great breeding, show, or trail-riding horse. He should mature at 15.2 hands.  Buy him now with a down payment and pay him off before he weans.  If interested call Doug Ripley at 256-303-0603.

EZ's Rowdy Ric Rack Lace  (Lacey).jpg

EZD's Rowdy Ric Rack Lace



Born: 4/30/23

Lacey is a gorgeous rare Buckskin Roan with no white.  She is the biggest foal we have ever had to date.  She has the sweetest, follow you anywhere personality and loves attention. Her dam was our TWH/RHBAA 15-3H solid blue roan mare, Blue Boys Drama Queen.  Her sire is our 15-2H solid Buckskin RHBAA & SHOBA registered Rowdy Rawhide Grandson, Hustler's Rowdy Sumthin' Bad. She is a Yankee Hustler Granddaughter so she should be in the low 20mph range and is estimated to have a height of 15-3 to 16H. You will definitely get noticed on this rare flashy colored beauty whether in the ring or on the trails.  She is RHBAA registered with hard copy papers in hand.  Up to date on vaccines and worming.

Blissful Gaits Farm

256-436-5056 for more info

image3 (1).jpeg

The Matriarch by Rawhide and Speck


Sire: Coal Miner

Dam: Standardbred/Speck 

This little girl born March 9, 2023 is my first foal of the season. She is a gorgeous palomino.  She will be 16 hands and that makes her a great prospect for a future broodmare.  The Rawhide and Speck cross produces a trot that is easily turned into the perfect 4-beat rack with plenty of speed (the 20s).  These two bloodlines are two of the best in the industry.  This girl is so easy to handle and is extremely smart and loves people.  Her price is $5000.  Buy her now with a down payment and pay her off by the time she weans.  Call Doug Ripley at 256-303-0603.

An EZ Endless Rum N Coke (Rummy).jpg

An Endless Rum N Coke



Born: 3/31/22

Rummy is a solid bay stud colt with a big hair gene from the Rowdy bloodline. He is a sweet, good-natured stallion. Registered RHBAA but his dam is our 35mph Speed Racking tattooed trotting bred mare, Endless Sky. This mare makes tears run down my face when flying along as smooth as can be. His sire is Hustler's Rowdy Sumthin' Bad, so he is the perfect combination of Standardbred (3/4) and Rowdy (1/4) bloodlines. He should mature at 15-15.1H and is stout as can be. Rummy had an accident with a thorn tree and developed an ulcer on his left eye as a weanling. It was treated by our equestrian vet but has significant vision loss on the left. It does not affect him, is not spooky, and you cannot tell it in the pasture, but there is a white spot down in his eye, but other than that his eye is unaffected. Hard copy of RHBAA papers in hand. Up to date on vaccines and worming.

Blissful Gaits Farm 256-436-5056

for more information.

image0 (3).jpeg

Coal Miner's Rawhide Undertaker

Sire: Coal Miner

Dam: Standardbred 

This stud colt was born on 3-31-23.  His dam is a direct mare of The Virginia Undertaker, and Coal Miner his sire is a direct son of Rowdy Rawhide.  This boy will be 15 hands and smooth as silk.  He will be gentle and have speed in the low to middle 20s.  Lots of Trot- NO PACE. Also, he will be extremely smooth. He is a beautiful light red bay with all black points. Buy him now with a down payment and pay him off while he waits to be weaned.  

Hustler's Stroken Shelby.jpg

Hustler's Stroken Shelby


Born: 4/29/23

Weaned: 11/10/23

Shelby is a dark bay tank of a filly with a small crescent star and high black stockings. Her sire is Yankee Hustler, 2009 Speed Racking Champion at Big Guns where he clocked 33.6mph, Fall Brawl several times, and many other blue ribbons, including the 2 Standardbred Classes at Germantown, Spring 2023. Hustler won Reserve Max Speed class at RHBAA, Decatur in 2020 behind her dam, Stroker's Scooten Bay B (Scoot). 
Her only full sibling, brother Hustler's Stroken Hemi was the 2022 World Grand Champion Speed Racker (RHBAA) and has many other Speed Championships.  You will not find a filly with a better pedigree for speed than Shelby. She has a friendly personality and is ready to go to her new home and train for speed in your program. Up to date on vaccinations and worming.

Blissful Gait's Farm
Call 256-436-5056 for more information or arrange for payments.

Broke and Ready to Ride Gelding & Mare For Sale


John The Revelator

This beautiful double Rowdy-bred red bay gelding with four white socks. He is a four-year-old. Standing 14.3 Hands. He has a  natural four-beat gait with a consistent cruising speed of 15-18mph. As he gets stronger and ridden consistently he will get faster. He is extremely gentle and easy to ride. This past year he has been ridden by a nine-year-old boy. He has lots of trail experience and is sound in every way. He is currently up to date on all his shots and worming. If you are looking for the perfect family horse, this is the one. Horses like this only come around once in a lifetime, here's your chance to own one the family will enjoy for years to come. Call Doug for more information on this incredible horse.

Call or Text Doug: (256) 303-0603


Dibs by Black Jack


Dib is a four-year-old racking mare born on March 25th, 2018. Standing 14.2 hands a beautiful black and white filly.  She is registered SHOBA and can do the four-beat rack up to 15 mph if you ask for it. She does the perfect four-beat gait and is smooth as silk naturally and even with a loose rein. Dibs was put under the saddle by an 11-year-old girl. This girl is riding, standing on, and turning flips off Dibs in the videos. She has been a family favorite since she was purchased as a 6-month-old. The youngest grandson, which is also in the videos, got his start on Dibs. The reason for selling is simple. You can’t keep them all and the grandchildren are continuing to work with other horses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this little girl. Our only desire is that she gets a home that will love her and enjoy her as we have. Dibs is one of those rare finds in the horse world.  She came into this world wanting to please and do her job.  She is gentle in every way and so easy to handle.  She drops her head for the bridle, stands for the farrier, stands to be saddled, stands to be mounted, loads, and unloads, runs with other horses, is calm in the stall, has a good relationship with other horses, rides on the trails or roads, will go anywhere she is pointed and learns quickly to adapt to any new challenges. Dibs will be an outstanding family horse.  She will be a great ride for the kids, the timid husband or wife, or the experienced rider.  I never use such words as “bomb proof” because a horse can be startled or scared and when they are they will react, that is how God made them.  The key is how they react.  In the videos, you notice some reactions from Dibs, and they are simple responses to situations she is unfamiliar with but no harsh reactions.  There is a difference between a horse that will hurt you and getting hurt on a horse.  Anyone can get hurt but knowing your horse would never intentionally hurt you is the key to riding with confidence.  Dibs would never intentionally hurt any rider.  To ride this horse with great pleasure you need to know how to start, stop, and turn a horse.  As the video showed she was right in front of the barn, and she wanted to return to the barn, but all the rider needed to do was turn her and point her in the direction they wanted to go.  Horses, like children, must be shown what you want them to do otherwise they will do what they want to do.  Dibs has been trained to ride but the rider sometimes needs to be trained to ride.  If you are in that category, Dibs would be perfect for you.  Just get a friend to help you know the basics of riding on Dibs with hands-on experience; then, you will be the perfect match for each other.  You would do the same for your children.  Dibs is up to date on her shots and worming and shoeing.  She is sound and ready for a new loving home.

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