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 Our Blessed Speed Racking Mares 

Each mare has been chosen to cross with Coal Miner by Rowdy Rawhide to get a specific product. Our mares produce colts of size, beauty, brains, color, and a fast, smooth, four-beat gait. We crossed the best bloodlines in the Industry to produce the ultimate horse that has the ability to become a World Champion Show Horse, Endurance horse, or a fun horse to ride on trails. A horse the whole family can enjoy, year after year. 


Please take a minute to look at the bloodlines of my mares. It's taken us years of selective breeding to produce the highest quality offspring possible. Just one look at our baby page and the results are in. No other farm on the planet has a wide selection of Buckskins, Palominos, Cremello, Sorrel/White, Black/White, Spotted Buckskin, and many more colors available for sale. Check out our large variety of gorgeous colored-up, Speed-racking colts available to purchase, all year round, year after year.


If you are the kind of rider that likes to feel an adrenaline rush riding an extremely fast speed racking horse, we have a baby who will grow up to do that. If you're looking for a smooth medium fast ride, we have those as well. We always have a variety of babies for sale and occasionally fully broke, speed-racking geldings or mares for sale.


Come back and check the website often because our content is updated frequently. Especially the Babies, and Horses For Sale Page. You'll be one of the first to see new babies and horses for sale the second they come available for sale.

We make it easy for you to find the horse of your dreams, Right here, Right Now.

Call Doug (256) 303-0603 or fill out the contact form below at the bottom of this page. We make buying a horse from us easy. You can make payments for colts before they are born or until the time of weaning. Contact, Doug for more information about pre-payment plans.

Our Speed-Racking Mares


Rawhide's Pope Francis

Sire: Rawhide's Lightning

Dam: Standardbred 

This mare can F-L-Y! If you want a fast baby to raise and train then you need to get your hands on one of her offspring. She is a direct daughter of Rawhides Lightning and a Standardbred mare. Her colts are incredible.

I am waiting for my third baby out of Coal Miner. It will be a moving machine. 

Rusty's Trigger Girl
Rusty's Trigger Girl


Sire: They Call Me Rusty

Dam: Pumpkin 


This mare is absolutely beautiful. She is that highly desired golden butter-milk color with jet black mane and tail. Her sire is the Famous "They Call Me RUSTY" raised by Kenny Jo in Kentucky. who has been clocked over 32 mph in a perfect four-beat gait. Her dam is an 18-20 mph racking horse.

Coal Miner and Marshall Dillion Bloodlines
Dillion's Rowdy Rawhide Girl

Sired by The Virginia Coal Miner

Dam: Dillion's Proud Generator

This is one beautiful filly. She loves people and is so easy to handle. Standing 15 hands and is a good 20 MPH horse. She turns everyone's head when you ride up. I bred her to "Hustler" the 34 MPH Standardbred Stallion and got one beautiful b/w tobiano filly that will be in the upper 20 mph. She is bred to my stud Flash of Lightning. 

Speck's Indian Squaw

Sired: Vapor to 18X WGC Speck

Dam: She's Sassy

This mare had 30 days under saddle and was great. I bought her to breed. All of her babies are flashy, big-boned, and stout. Her babies will be great color producers. Her Sire, Vapor, is homozygous for the sabino gene. She is homozygous for the sabino gene, plus Coal Miner's color genetics are the perfect match to get Standardbred Speed with color. 

Rowdy's Sunny Delight


Sired by Rawhide's Lightning

Dam: Largo Paso Fino Mare

This mare is out of the great speed horse Rawhide's Lightning and an 18 mph largo gaited Paso mare.

This beautiful buckskin mare gave me another great "Double Rowdy Breed" foal.  Her sire has been clocked at over 30 mph. Her dam is an 18-plus mph registered Racking Horse. She has the color, style, and speed you need to have a fun ride.

Dark Intentions

Sire: The Virginia Undertaker 

Dam: Maggie Bay Beauty

This black filly is 14.3 hands and has the great "Undertaker" way of going and confirmation.  She has the looks and charm of her World Grand Champion sire.  Her dam is RHBA show mare.  She is so easy to handle and loves to be around people. I can't wait to see what I get out of her and Coal Miner.

Rev. Homer's Royal Lady


Sire: Reverend Homer

Dam: Standardbred 

Royal Lady is a beautiful blood bay out of the freaky fast Homer. Although she will just be a broodmare for me, her potential speed is 25-30 mph. Like all Rev. Homer's offspring, she has a head full of sense and is easy to handle. Lady 100% percent Standardbred. Breeding her to any one of our stallions will produce an INCREDIBLE FAST speed-racking baby. If you like a fast colt to raise yourself, we highly suggest to buy one of her colts.

Princess Di by Rev. Homer


Princess Di by Rev. Homer

Sired by: Reverend Homer

Dam: TWH

Princess' sire (Rev. Homer) is one of the fastest single-foot horses ALIVE. He was clocked with the radar gun at 33.7 to 34 mph and on two different occasions was G.P.S. without switching into a pace. She is a 15.2 hand. Her babies are fast and smooth. Her first baby is a buckskin colt with all-black trim, sold at two weeks old. Get in line for her spring baby.

Night_Shade_1Black Night Shade's Kittyvh72322.webp
Black Night Shade's Kitty

Sired by WGC The Black Night Shade Dam: Dillion's Proud Generator

Kitty Dam is my old Marshall Dillon and Pride's Generator mare and her sire is the 2004 WGC The Black Night Shade.  She is in foal to Coal Miner with her fourth baby. There is no greater bloodline in the entire industry to produce the smooth Walking Horse gait and the speed of the Standard breed.  Her babies have the conformation, color, temperament, and style.  Her first baby at two years old was racking in the mid-20s. 

Dangers High Voltage

Sire: Rockets Danger High Voltage

Dam: Standardbred (Oh Baby)


Danger is a wonderful speed, Racking Mare. She had very little time under saddle because she was purchased to be a broodmare. She is a 14.3-hand bay mare with incredible ability, conformation and style, and speed. Her foals are "double Rowdy bred". They are far enough apart to give the best babies possible. Her babies have incredible speed and all of them are built like little tanks.

Satan's Red Rose MM

Sired by On a Highway to Hell 

Dam: Fast-Racking Horse

This mare had 30 days under saddle and was great. I bought her to breed. All of her babies are flashy, big-boned, and stout. Her babies will be great color producers. Her Sire, Vapor, is homozygous for the sabino gene. She is homozygous for the sabino gene, plus Coal Miner's color genetics are the perfect match to get Standardbred Speed with color. 

Silver Blue Lady

Sired by WGC Marshall Dillion

Dam: Generator's Spotted Lady


This mare is a Tattooed Standardbred Trotter. I never pushed her for speed, but as you can see in the video she is consistently 22 mph and smooth as silk. Her first baby out of my Stallion The Virginia Coal Miner is incredible. She is in foal and is due this summer and we will have another baby for sale. If you are looking for something really good then keep an eye on her babies.

Spotted Saddlebred Mare





This is a gorgeous pedigreed and spotted-up saddlebred mare. She is registered with RHBAA. It is proven that crossing the standardbred and saddlebred produces an incredible horse with speed, style, and huge front-end action. She is in foal to Coal Miner and we are excited to see what she produces. You can place a deposit on her foal before it hits the ground. 

Undertaker and Windjammer's Ebony

Sired by Virginia Undertaker

Dam: Direct Windjammer Daughter


Both Sire and Dam are multiple World Grand Champions. She is in the process of being registered with SHOBA. She is one of a kind and crossing her bloodlines with Coal Miner should produce an awesome colt. We expect greatness from her offspring. Place your deposit and pre-pay for her babies. 

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