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Our Stallions.

The Coal Miner a Beautiful Buckskin Stallion with perfect Black Markings and Conformation. You have got to see how he is put together. Short coupled with good bone, built strong with rock-hard hoofs. He has a soft eye and keen intelligence. His gait is Smooth and Fast.  He is absolutely Magnificent. Sired by Rowdy Rawhide & Standardbred mare, "Easy Going", he is that Highly Desired, Deep Dark Golden Buckskin with dapples. His heart and ability have made him one of the Greatest Stallions in the Speed Racking Horse World.


STANDING AT STUD                                      STUD FEE: $600

Coal Miner carries all the qualities of EZD Rowdy horses. Built strong and solid with black hard hoofs ready to climb any terrain like a mountain goat. Beautiful thick mane and tail with a long forelock. He is absolutely stunning. We Thank God for Coal Miner. He is a Blessing to us and our farm. 

We breed buckskins and not just for color. We breed them because they have long been noted for superior qualities and strength. They have more stamina, more determination, rock-hard hoofs, stronger bone, and are generally hardier than other horses. There is nothing more beautiful than a dappled-up buttermilk color with black points, mane, and tail. Coal Miner WILL NEVER produce a SMOKEY BLACK.


Coal Miner was Genetically Tested: A/A (Homozygous for Agouti) and

N/Cr (one cream Gene) at the University of California, Davis. 

We are happy to assist you with Multi-Mare Discounts!

Get Your Mare Bred Here and Now.

Let us show you how you can own your very own Buckskin, Palomino, or Spotted Speed Racking horse.

We have buckskin and all kinds of colored-up babies for sale. Check our Horses For Sale Page. Simply, contact Doug Ripley to put a deposit on a colt before it's weaned or buy one that's ready to go. 

If you rather breed your mare to get your own Buckskin or Palomino we make that easy as well. Click on the Breeding page and fill out the breeding contract. Buy your own shipping container. Get in touch with Doug so he coordinates with you and your veterinarian to see when your mare is ovulating and ready to be bred. It's exciting to breed your own baby. Coal Miner's genes have proven time and time again that he is a high producer of buckskin and palomino. Coal Miner WILL NEVER PRODUCE A SMOKEY BLACK.


STANDING AT STUD                                      STUD FEE: $500

Wow! A dream comes true. This boy is a Double Rowdy bred spotted colt who is also homozygous. These are recent pictures of him at about 11 months old. If you love the Rawhide Blood Line you will love this boy. He is out of my spotted mare that is out of my Rowdy Rawhide stallion, The Virginia Coal Miner, and my old Marshall Dillon Mare. His sire is my spotted Stallion, Rawhide's Flash of Lightning, that is a direct son of Rawhide's Lightning and a Mr. Bojangles's mare. I am thankful to our Lord Jesus for such a gift. His potential will be incredible as a ride and a breeding Stallion. He is not for sale.

Get Your Mare Bred to PAINTED DOUBLE.


This young Stallion was born in May 2022. He is out of my “They Call Me Rusty” mare and Coal Miner. He has been tested by the University of California and is homozygous for the cream, agouti, and red genes. He will throw buckskin, palomino, Cremello, and Perlino babies, guaranteed. His siblings are doing great under saddle and I expect the same from him.  Lord willing he will be part of our future breeding program.

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